Monday, April 21, 2008

Pikachu i choose you

This is a seriously serious blog. Seriously.
Well to start off this is what this blog is all about.
When most teenagers today were kids we all played Pokemon. Then we switched to YU-GI-Oh and somewhere in there we had Samurai Jack, Dragonball Z, and some other not so popular games were scattered in there. What this blog and what I am going attempt to do is reconnect with games and shows that people have moved away from. My hope is that people who still play these games or remember those old T.V shows would come on here and discuss shows that were popular and funny but many people have forgotten about. Like the other day i saw and old episode of Samurai Jack and it seriously was the greatest show that was on during that time. Well have fun and be informative. If you have links post em' and if you have pics paste em' on and show us what weve forgotten about.